Thank you for visiting our site. I put this site together just as a place where if someone is looking for good free information on how to start their own business they could find it here. Starting a homebased business is a pretty daunting task. Also with everyone online selling information on how to do it, how do you know who is real and who isn’t?

One thing that i’ve learned from working for myself at home now for nearly 15 years is that if its too good to be true then it generally is! There are no ways that I’ve found (that are sustainable for long periods of time) to get rich quick. Everything that I’ve tried and worked hard at has eventually begun to make money. I think the biggest problem people have is that they give up too soon. Success is right around the corner and yet they miss out because they gave in a few months, a few weeks or even a few days to soon!

I hope everyone finds something of value here on my site. I try to keep it updated with content that I either write or find online. If you have questions feel free to contact me here. Of course since I’m working on my business there will be times when I can’t respond right away, but I will respond when I get a chance.

Good luck and don’t give up!